GGB Greater Austin Chapter Launch – “Fandom Frenzy!”

GGB Greater Austin Chapter Launch – “Fandom Frenzy!”

Geek Girl Brunch is back in Austin!!  In June, 2022, officers Jen and Vanessa revived the chapter with an inaugural “Fandom Frenzy” themed brunch. Everyone who attended was able to wax ecstatic about all their favorite fandoms and nerdy loves, past and present, so it was a perfect way to introduce ourselves and get this geeky party started!

We met up at URBAN Eat.Drink in Round Rock (just north of Austin), and took in a variety of fancy mimosas and much (much) needed coffee. Starting us off was Heather, who got married in 2020 and is raising two geeklings of her own. She loves Harry Potter, My Hero Academia, Doctor Who, Supernatural, and a variety of video games including Fallout and Borderlands. When it comes to superheroes, though, she has one clear favorite – she loves Deadpool!

Kiara, Heather, & Dorothy

Officer Jen kept intros going, saying she’s been a gamer ever since she was little, beginning with N64. She even has her own Twitch channel. On top of that, she’s also a DJ! She loves Japanese entertainment and culture, including a strong love of anime (Sailor Moon ❤). She also has two cats.

Aly followed up, introducing herself as a true “Nintendo nerd.” She loves Skyrim, and is a major Pokémon fan. She admits to being a bit behind on anime currently, over which Jen consoled her, saying, “there’s so much!” Aly is also a nerd craft superstar, and even has her own crafting business making geeky felt crafts and the most adorable candles! She even blew Jen and Vanessa away with custom candle gifts, check out the one she made for Jen! So cute!

Cutest Pokémon candle!

Another anime fan in our new ranks is Ariel, who went next. She loves gaming, Pokémon, Full Metal Alchemist, Inuyasha, Studio Ghibli, and even has a Fairy Tail tattoo. She channels her geek girl energy into her job – she’s an elementary PE teacher who themes her classes to a Pokémon gym! Coolest gym class ever!!! She also got married in 2020, and had a gorgeous Legend of Zelda themed wedding.

Ariel & Aly

Dorothy, both a mom and grandma, loves dystopian novels, including A Handmaid’s Tale (check out her shirt!). She loves graphic novels, Star Wars, Star Trek, and sci-fi in general. She highly recommended Raised by Wolves on HBO for some good sci-fi TV.

Continuing the trend, Kiara revealed that she also got married recently. She joins GGB Greater Austin as a former brunchette from our New Orleans chapter! She is a big fan of Sailor Moon, Doctor Who, and Kiki’s Delivery Service.

Officer Vanessa moved to the Austin area from Nevada, where she was an officer for the Reno GGB chapter, so she couldn’t wait to get a chapter started up here! She considers herself a proud nerd since birth, growing up with Star Wars, Star Trek, B-movies, sci-fi/horror, animation, video games, board games, and has an endless list of geeky loves. She also loves making costumes, crafts, and clothes, collecting nerdy junk, and passing her nerdery on to her kids.

Jasmine mixed things up wonderfully, by introducing herself with her favorite colors – light purple and pearl aqua. She is a Harry Potter and Marvel fan, and LOVES K-pop, K-dramas, and Korean movies, basically a ton of Korean entertainment. She is not a huge gamer but does love board games, particularly quiz and trivia board games. She’s also an avid book lover.

Jasmine, Vanessa, & Jen

Throughout the excellent conversation, we enjoyed some delightfully decadent dishes like banana bread French toast, chicken and waffles, avocado toast, and at least one side of bacon. And everyone went home with handmade geeky drawstring bags full of Japanese dollar store swag!! Overall, it was an excellent first brunch, and we couldn’t have asked for a better group of brunchettes to start the Austin chapter off on the best, geekiest foot possible.

Geeky swag is the best!

See y’all in July!

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