GGB Fort Collins – The Brunches Without Blogs

GGB Fort Collins – The Brunches Without Blogs
Supernatural Brunch

For posterity, we wanted to share some of our past brunch themes that never received a blog. These events absolutely deserved a blog but unfortunately time restrictions and LIFE got in the way. Below we’ve posted some memorable moments and hope that you enjoy!

Supernatural: April 2019
Special memories: Officer Jakki spearheaded this fun free-for-all interpretation of the theme. It could be ANYTHING Supernatural related, including but not limited to the television show. And having officer Liz read her pretend crystal ball was very cute and endearing.
Silver Haired Silver Screen: June 2019
Special memories: Officer Sarah lead this celebration of “women of a certain age” being celebrated on television – still a fairly rare occurrence. This included anything from Golden Girls to Murder, She Wrote. Brunchette Sam dressed up in her finest “old lady” garb and we went to a special restaurant for pie.
Who Inspires You: September 2019
Special memories: GGB officer Liz spearheaded this really encouraging brunch theme, asking everyone to share the person that inspires them the most. Brunchette Robyn dressed as her hero, Cindi Lauper.
Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Brunch: December 2019
Special memories: Everyone got to share their favorite Tim Burton films and dress a little spooky at Christmastime. Unknown to us, the restaurant was hosting Santa Claus the same day – so the brunchettes got a special visit from “Sandy Claws”.
Outerspace Brunch: February 2020
Special Memories: Officer Sarah was the lead for this brunch! Brunchette Mirelle came dressed as Barbarella, and Sarah had just so happened to include a Barbarella reference in her “choose your own adventure” outer space game. If she can ever find it again, she will be sure to post the game for the brunchettes to read through and relive. The game included references to films like Alien, Rainbow Brite and the Star Stealer and Firefly: Serenity.

Meeting Santa Claus at Tim Burton Brunch

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