What is Geek Girl Brunch?

We are a meetup group of ladies who geek out together; usually mimosas are involved.

Who can join Geek Girl Brunch?

Identifying women, gender fluid, and non-binary people as long as they are comfortable with the “geek girl” label.  All gender events do occur, but they are scheduled at the discretion of each chapter.

What’s up with the themes on your blog and at brunches?

We came up with themes because… they’re fun! Themes keep people interested and excited. It allows each and every geek girl brunch to be extra special, and you’ll always be looking forward to the next one.

If we’re covering a theme close to your heart, you have more incentive to go. If not, you get to pass and have a diehard fan girl take that spot.  Since we cater to a wide variety of geek girls, we like to take the opportunity to shine a spotlight on any given fandom. If you’re an expert on that fandom, we get to shine the spotlight on you!

What should I wear?

Every brunch is a special event to be celebrated, and half the fun of a celebration is in the planning of the outfit!  Themes let you save yourself some of the headache of last-minute “what am I gonna wear?!,” by giving you an idea to work around.  We get to very literally wear our geek pride on our sleeves. If your idea of theme appropriate is a printed t-shirt and jeans, awesome.  Full body armor (maybe a little difficult to eat in), go for it! Both are fine unless otherwise noted, and you’ll always know up front if the theme calls for a special dress code.

We ask only that you not wear anything vulgar or offensive.  While we are an 18+ group, we are typically in a public setting and need to represent our brand in a non-offensive way.  When in doubt, send us a pic.

Also, it’s been a tradition in the past for some chapters to follow-up brunch with a bit of shopping and/or continued imbibing at another location, so if you are interested in continuing the party, do make sure those shoes are comfy!

How often does Geek Girl Brunch meet?

GGB chapters host brunches once a month.  Some chapters also have special outings in lieu of or in addition to a monthly brunch.

How do I know if I’m geeky enough?

You can be a geek about ANYTHING. No one is a geek about EVERYTHING.  You may even find new things to be geeky about during a monthly brunch. 

How can I join Geek Girl Brunch?

Visit the chapter page for your local chapter of GGB to find out how to join! 

How do I start a Geek Girl Brunch Chapter in my area?

We have chapters all over the world!  If you are interested in starting a chapter where we are not currently active, send an email to geekgirlbrunchhq@gmail.com.  Include your name, age, city and social media handles. Make sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for updates on any chapters looking for new officers.

What if I’m under 21?

Geek Girl Brunch members must be 18+.  That being said, brunch is brunch. If you can’t legally get liquored up, you can still partake in the pancakes!  Just know that if we venture to a bar afterward, we’ll have to part ways.

I want to sponsor Geek Girl Brunch.

Hello, you beautiful, amazing person you! We’d love to have you sponsor us.  GGB is the perfect opportunity to connect with multiple bloggers and get a lot of free advertising for your product across all social media platforms. If interested, shoot us an e-mail.

Can you help me make a Geek Girl Brunch, but for men?

Geek Girl Brunch was created out of necessity because geek culture can be hostile towards marginalized people. So although you may have no ill intentions, helping you create a male-only club would go against our mission of making sure there are safe spaces for under-represented populations to geek out together.

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