Meet the Team!

Batgirl #50 by Babs Tarr


Emily HQ President | Sanrio Fanatic, Romance Novel Enthusiast, Knight of Tarth
Jenna HQ Social Media | Book Nerd, Pop Culture Enthusiast, Clay Jewelry Maker
Stefanie HQ Vice President | Author, Podcast Host, Hufflepuff, Coffee Addict
Samantha HQ WebTeam | Trivia Menace, Fanfiction Fanatic, Baseball Enthusiast, SuperWhoLockian

The Founders

Once Upon a Time, three girls sat down to brunch and started a movement.

Jamila Co-founder | Kawaii Trap Lord, Sailor Gallifrey
Yissel Co-Founder | Omelet connoisseur, Superhero Stylist
Rachel Co-Founder | Sassy Sardaukar, Gozer Go-fer, Sith for Hire, Queen of Pyke