GGB Fairfield: Harry Potter Holiday Cookie Swap

A cookie exchange seemed like a perfect holiday plan.

The holidays were upon us and Geek Girl Brunch Fairfield was ready to celebrate.  After having to reschedule our initial brunch plans due to snow, we gathered at officer Rhiannon’s house for a Harry Potter filled afternoon 9 days before Christmas.cookie

We started out by putting out a spread of holiday cookies, chocolates disguised as golden snitches, and these amazing boxes of chocolate frogs and Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans.  Officer Leah put together the boxes of jellybeans and chocolate frogs by herself and we were all amazed by her crafting skills.

Then potions class began.  With the Harry Potter soundtrack playing in the background, all of the brunchettes made their own slime that they could jar up, slap a potion label sticker on it, and take home as a party favor.  This included several attempts where some completely disgusting concoctions were made cookieuntil we got the formula just right.  Once we got it down, we came up with some beautiful pink, gold, purple, blue, and even a nice shimmery white potion.  It was messy, but that’s the potions business.

We then had a cookie tasting and, to be honest, the pictures will not do justice of how truly delicious they were.  The ladies of Geek Girl Brunch Fairfield have got some serious baking skills.  To wash all those cookies down, Rhiannon also made some butterbeer topped with some freshly made whipped cream.

To wind down and digest all of those sweets, we jumped out of the wizarding world to play some Jackbox games.  This resulted in many instances of laughing-until-you-cry moments.  To end the day, we stuffed our faces with some pizza and said our goodbyes.  It was a great start to holiday celebrations for GGB Fairfield!


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