Winter Has Come for GGB Tyler!

Winter Has Come for GGB Tyler!

Winter Has Come

Since we did not have access to Ravens, messages in the form of email invitations were sent to all the Tyler Brunchettes for a Winter Has Come brunch. The Tyler Brunchettes gathered at Cork Food & Drink for our “Game of Thrones” themed brunch on Sunday, January 21st. We journeyed to the land of Westeros in the hopes of discovering who Anya Stark has killed now and who she needs to add to her kill list.

Cork’s brunch is known for its Eggs Benedict and bottomless Mimosa’s. Our brunchettes enjoyed Eggs Benedict, Pain Perdu, and Spicy Chicken and Waffles while the goblets were overflowing with Mimosas. Cork is a favorite – not only because of their brunch menu and bottomless Mimosa’s, but also their welcoming atmosphere.

In keeping with the Game of Thrones theme, there were puzzles to solve, as well as handmade Game of Throne dice bags, filled with Winter Time tea, handmade bath fizzies, and dragon necklaces. Officer Kelly and brunchette Ann made the dice bags, along with dragon eggs made of Styrofoam and lots of thumbtacks. Officer Sandi provided the Winter has Come tea bags and the dragon necklaces, while brunchette Ann made the handmade bath fizzies.

Two of our officers came wearing fur – Kashi and Kelly. Photo ops ensued.

The chatter was all about who was on the Westeros throne and if the White Walkers were zombies or something else. The answer to who were Jon Stark’s parents and the Battle of the Wall (back to the zombie question) were chatted about. And Arya’s kill list was discussed. In season 7, she dispatched lords of House Frey, stated that she intends to kill Cersei, and later executed Littlefinger. Great joy was taken as we bit into Ned Stark’s head – the red velvet cake pops were delicious!

Look for more details to come on our Galentines Brunch on February 17th, when we will celebrate Bad Ass Women of Fiction.

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