GGB Mobile: Villaintine’s Day Launch

GGB Mobile: Villaintine’s Day Launch

Our first brunch was a villainous success!

We decided on The Warehouse Bakery and Donuts located in sleepy Fairhope, AL. They serve a copious variety of eats and can be categorized as a “rustic-chic bakeshop with locally roasted coffee & handcrafted donuts, plus build-your-own biscuits.” 

 It began like the first day of school: a few familiar faces but mostly awkward pauses and uncertainty on how to direct the conversation because…. well, new people. Eventually everyone warmed up and slowly the giggles and fun of sharing a love for all geeky and pet related subjects won out!

 We chatted about villains, Netflix, Rupaul’s Drag Race, Harry Potter and even adventures in fur baby parenthood! We even made it around to discussing plans for our next brunch!!!!!!!

Going down the list of brand new GGB Mobile geeky awesome gals….

(Picture Left to Right: Amber, Chandra, Natalie, Suzy, Chesleigh & Telea)

Telea expressed a great love for all things Harry Potter and entertained us with an amazing story involving the heroic attempted rescue of a neighborhood pit bull. Like any proud mama she showed off pictures of her beautiful fur babies.

Natalie is from a land so very, very far away (England) with an undeniably cool accent to go with a super sweet personality. She told us about the new addition to their family and how their furry loves responded to the presence of the tiny, cherubic muggle in their midst.

Chesleigh is incredibly energetic and definitely brought a passion for all things art, music and travel to the table! She wowed us all with her totally geeky tattoos, stories of her adventures and filled us in on the pains of giving up caffeine.

 In the end everyone had a fantastic time meeting, greeting and geeking it up with each other!

 If you are ever in the area, the Warehouse Bakery and Donuts is a wonderful restaurant located in Fairhope, Alabama. If you haven’t been we definitely recommend checking them out. Their staff was polite, laid back and totally willing to jump into a drag queen convo with us! I think it’s safe to say that we will keep this location in mind for future events. BTW, did we mention they have endless coffee? Well, they do! 

Image may contain: indoor and food

Don’t go looking for better java, grub or company in Alderaan places!

 We are excited to meet again and continue developing and celebrating our newfound friendships and enjoyment of all things geeky!

(Credit where credit is due: Warehouse Photo is from their facebook, Cruella Dr Vil Funko Pop paper craft was created by an artist named DANSRULES and the Villaintine’s Card was created by an artist who is known for making unique paper dolls he can be found on Tumblr and facebook under Paper Dolls by Cory.)

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