GGB Prescott: Geek Ghouls Gather!

GGB Prescott: Geek Ghouls Gather!

Something wicked this way came in October!  Our Geek Ghouls gathered for an afternoon of costumes, games, and fun.  Canton Dragon in Prescott Valley, AZ played host to our festivities with Chinese cuisine and lots of beverages!  A few of us ordered a Zombie…twas the season!


Witches Scattergories was our first game.  The rules are the same as regular Scattergories, but were Halloween themed.  Every Ghouls answer was amazing and made it difficult to choose a winner for every round!  We have some very clever ladies in our midst and funny!

We also played  a team game called Things Scary Movies Have Taught Us.  Each group was given a Horror movie trope/scenario and they were tasked to tell us how they would deal with said situation.  For example:  Five of you are trapped in a large mansion with something that has already killed off your other companions. You’ve managed to find 3 flashlights, a baseball bat and of course the switchblade your creepy friend always brings with him on trips for some reason. You are all in a bedroom on the second floor planning your next move. What is your plan?

Along with our meals, we enjoyed lots of candy!  We ended our gathering with a costume contest.  Everyone was dressed up, but in the end our Beetlejuice was the winner.  And don’t worry, we only said the name once!

Cheers to another event in the books!  We will be taking November off to prepare for our Holiday party!

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