Welcome to Azkaban and the Emerald Coast

Welcome to Azkaban and the Emerald Coast

After long discussions, lots of contemplation, and a little bit of craftiness, the Emerald Coast chapter was ready to launch!  On October 21, the ladies of the brand spankin’ new chapter of Geek Girl Brunch Emerald Coast were ready to party!  We met at Taste Tappas, a wonderful restaurant with a delicious brunch menu, bottomless mimosas, and enough space to seat us all.  We had FIFTEEN ladies gather together for the Welcome to Azkaban and the Emerald Coast launch brunch!  It was an amazing turnout, the ladies all seemed to click right into place.  It was wonderful to be a part in helping these ladies meet each other.  Several ladies brought friends with them who joined the chapter, and were eager to be a part of future brunches! As with all new friendships, one wonders when exactly it’s an OK time to drop their nerd bombs, but here at Geek Girl Brunch – we all know the nerd inside is strong!

After a trip around the table with introductions, Hogwarts house, favorite characters, and other favorite fandoms, each section of the table broke off into geek talk, military life (our chapter is based around a few military bases), mom life, and what entertainment we were anticipating!  There are a lot more Hufflepuffs than we thought, and a bunch of die hard Luna fans!

Raffle tickets were passed around as there was some awesome swag to win courtesy of one of the officers and FandomFlairPins!

We spent some time discussing the basics of what we all hope to get out of our monthly meetings.  Our waitress picked our November theme out of a glass (Game of Thrones)!  We had a ton of fun spending all those hours together, and yes, the brunch started at 11am and the stragglers didn’t leave until almost 4pm!  This group of ladies was energetic and amazingly excited to have found a right proper group of nerds to hang out with!

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