GGB St. Louis Metro Celebrate Middle Earth!

GGB St. Louis Metro Celebrate Middle Earth!

The St Louis Metro brunchettes had a fabulous time at the Middle Earth themed August brunch! We decided to hit the town on a Friday night and headed to McGurk’s in historic Soulard, St Louis. The Irish pub has a beautiful outdoor patio which we thoroughly enjoyed, despite the raging thunderstorm that rolled in halfway through dinner! It was great trying to debate geeky thoughts over the sound of the pouring rain and the equally loud birthday party happening on the other side of the patio!


We had plenty of yummy food and drink to keep us occupied while we waited out the storm; from corned beef dinners to Guinness stew and absolutely fabulous homemade pretzels and beer cheese dip, we were all thoroughly stuffed by the end of the night! This brunch was the first of three brunches that our top three book-collectors for last month’s Geek Girl Brunch Do Better event were able to pick the theme for. We were thrilled to finally have a Lord of the Rings theme!

14182575_10100317838197222_813460301_nOur officers made jam and lembas bread (for second breakfast, because we know how important all the meals are!) and brought along shrinkie dink sheets to make pendants with our names written in elvish. Kelly, the brunchette who chose the theme, also brought a fantastic mug and print created by a couple of local artists to raffle off!

The conversation flowed as easily as the drinks, as it always does when we get to spend time with our favorite geeky girls. We also had the chance to welcome a few new members this month, which is always exciting! Next month we’re looking forward to another fabulous theme: Harry Potter!  We are hoping for some serious cosplaying at our next event as it so far has drummed up some very passionate ladies!

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