GGB Pittsburgh’s ‘The Name is Bond’ Brunch

GGB Pittsburgh’s ‘The Name is Bond’ Brunch

We rounded out our British Invasion summer with some shaken martinis and a couple of super-secret missions at The Wheelhouse in the Rivers Casino. Brunchettes came decked out in their finest Bond girl attire for our James Bond themed brunch, and we enjoyed incredible food and service overlooking the Ohio river. Every adult woman should find a fun reason to dress like a Bond girl every once in a while!

Gifties and give-aways included some nice drink shakers, designer martini glasses, an ice tray that freezes water in the shape of little hand guns, a couple of Ian Fleming paperbacks, a DVD of Casino Royale, some coasters with drink recipes on them, and a mouth spray with probably the most hilarious packaging in the world (instant British accent spray, side effects include becoming considerably more handsome and having fresh breath). Lots of the gifts given were purchased from Kards Unlimited on Walnut Street in Shadyside. It’s absolutely adorable in there so if you haven’t been yet, take a trip! We were also treated yet again to some amazing Bond themed cupcakes from Pittsburgh Sweet Relief bakery.


After our very classy brunch, we decided to try our luck on the casino floor. Being dressed to the nines at 1pm on a Sunday in a local casino is probably one of the most entertaining things you can do for yourself. As we walked around looking for a game to play, we got plenty of stares and looks. Each stable we stopped at prompted a game of 21 Questions about who we were and why we were so dressed up at a casino that did not inspire such outfits. No one guessed, but don’t worry, we told them all about GGB!

We were fortunate enough to be at the casino on a day they were offering free Craps lessons, so we crowded around a table and had a great time laughing with the instructors. I’m not entirely sure the lesson stuck (it’s a confusing game!), but the instructors did a good job and we had a blast. After our lesson, we wandered over to an open Roulette table and played some low-stakes Roulette that actually had us up pretty high. By the end of the day, most of the Brunchettes who stayed after to play ended up walking away with a good chunk of money and a lot of laugh lines.

Thank you to the staff and security at Rivers Casino and the Wheelhouse, to our very elegant and lovely Brunchettes, and to the city of Pittsburgh for throwing so much love our way. Next month we’ll be crawling into the sewer and eating a TON of incredible pizza at our Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles brunch…join us!


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