Geek Girl Brunch: Bridgerton Brunch

Geek Girl Brunch: Bridgerton Brunch

Dear Reader,

We implore you to join us in our Bridgerton inspired Brunch recap. On July 8th Geek Girl Brunch Raleigh/Durham visited the Pimento Tea Room. Dressed in our finest regency attire we enjoyed the most exquisite teas and cocktails. We dined on delicious scones, flights of butter, and delectable dishes of the highest quality.

During the course of our meal, we spoke of our favorite regency era shows and future plans with Geek Girl Brunch. There is much to come from Geek Girl Brunch Raleigh/Durham! We shall be viewing the Barbie movie, dressing in our most colorful pieces for a Lisa Frank ice cream social, and time-traveling back to the 80s for a retro dance party and brunch!

Yours Truly,

GGB Raleigh/Durham

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