Be Kind, Rewind! 90’s Brunch Recap

Be Kind, Rewind! 90’s Brunch Recap

Remember when you had to wait until 9pm to call your friends? Someone ruined your tape cassette, so you broke out your trusty pencil? Remember when MTV was actually MUSIC television? Well, we brought it all back with our 90’s themed brunch!

You’ve Got Mail! Get off the phone! I need to check my email! My brunch invite is here!

We pulled out our phone book and found Chelsea’s Kitchen in Arcadia. There was no smoking or non-smoking section, but we set up in a nice little area by the bar.

The atmosphere was dope. The food was the shiznit.

The Chelsea’s Benedict – LGO English Muffin, carne adovada, jalapeno,

A quaint little brick building with a fountain outside, Chelsea’s Kitchen is a place that you would definitely take your Home Skillet. It’s a little pricey, so make sure he isn’t a scrub. It is a great place to chillax and hang out with our gal pals.

We had a few giveaways, including a good old blast from the past!

Thanks for hanging out with us, it was a hella good time. We can’t wait to brunch with you again in October! Don’t be trippin! It will come sooner than you think! I’m outtie!


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