Where My Witches At?

Where My Witches At?

In the spirit of SPOOKY SZN, GGB Jackson had to pull out the stops with October’s brunch theme. So, in true Geek Girl Brunch Fashion (Halloween Edition), Jackson celebrated with “Where My Witches At?” Brunchettes took the theme to heart and represented their favorite witches from their favorite fandoms. These Brunchettes went deep into cauldrons and brewed some FIERCE costumes. Kiki the Delivery Witch, Blair from Soul Eater and URSULA from The Little Mermaid (and her make up was all the way on point!) all attended brunch this month!

Brunchettes met at Saltine, a local brunch favorite, where we enjoyed mimosa specials, delicious chicken biscuits, and many other brunch delicacies. In true witch fashion, we had to pleasure of viewing the 90’s classic hit movie THE CRAFT. Brunchettes watched the movie on the projector during brunch, and some members were TRICKED and had never seen it before. It turned out to be a real TREAT for them to watch it for the first time.

To add to our already awesome brunch, we had a pop up shop from one of our new members. She had sage, incense, candles and crystals for sale for everyone to check out. It was a PLUS 3000 for sure and it made the brunch even more outstanding!

The turnout for this brunch was nothing short of amazing! Old and new faces alike attended brunch this month, which is always exciting, and we love to see new friendships and sisterhood being formed was icing on the Halloween cupcake. We just love seeing our chapter grow and cannot wait until the next brunch!!

Laters Witches!!

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