Geek Girl Brunch Gainesville Pits Vampires Against Werewolves

Geek Girl Brunch Gainesville Pits Vampires Against Werewolves

Gainesville’s Vampires vs. Werewolves Brunch

Gainesville Brunchettes faced a centuries-old question at their October brunch: team werewolf or team vampire?

They debated this tough choice at Gainesville staple, the Top. The Top features craft American food and creative cocktails. GGB Gainesville was lucky enough to have a private room decked out in Halloween decorations as their brunch setting.

The fight between vampires and werewolves has been played out in media many times. Twilight, True Blood, Underworld, and Hemlock Grove are just a few examples. Brunchettes voted at brunch and while vampires ended up winning, most Brunchettes admitted to liking both creatures.

Frighteningly Fun Swag

Many members of the Gainesville chapter participate in a Vampire-themed LARP set in the World of Darkness, which is a dark fictional universe for supernatural horror themed role-playing games. Vampires in the World of Darkness belong to clans, each with distinct powers, philosophies and physical traits.

Gainesville is home to four LARP games where players can be a variety of supernatural creatures like vampires, werewolves, changelings and mages. You can find more information on these games on the Gainesville One World By Night Facebook page.

A brunch wouldn’t be complete without a swag bag that Officers Emily and Megan put together. They contained vampire and werewolf rubber ducks, Japanese Halloween candy, vampire teeth, Halloween hand sanitizer and One World By Night buttons.

You can find more information on GGB Gainesville on Facebook and Instagram.

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