GGB Reno’s 4th Annual October Cosplay Brunch!

GGB Reno’s 4th Annual October Cosplay Brunch!

October 2019 marked GGB Reno’s Fourth Annual Cosplay Brunch, and the ‘stumes did NOT disappoint!

This was our first time at the Gold N’ Silver Inn, “Reno’s oldest casual dining restaurant,” and the location was fantastic. Somewhere between tangents ranging from Galaxy’s Edge to Neil Gaiman to the Blizzard Entertainment fiasco we got around to discussing our costumes and love of the art form.

All the cosplays!!!
T. rex looks for an “off-menu” item

Officer Kayla pulled an impressive double duty, both as a T. rex and the Jurassic Park vet that she had eaten! Connie also donned lab gear as a Jurassic Park scientist, but thankfully she escaped the same grisly fate.

Color-coordinated Kate and Ami!

Kate, cosplayer extraordinaire, threw together an impressively chilling Sabrina the Teenage Witch in the nth hour. It definitely looked like she had been working on it for much longer! She’s not stranger to cosplay, though – check out her cosplay page

Ami came as the female Pokémon trainer from Pokémon XY. Look at her adorable Pokeball bag!!! IT was a converted lunch box. Cosplay ingenuity FTW.

Janet, Janet, and Janet

And now, the Janets!

We were graced with the presence of not one, not two, but technically THREE Janets at brunch this month! Janet F. came dressed as Dorothy Gayle from The Wizard of Oz, Janet L. as Mario (sans ‘stache) from Super Mario Odyssey, and officer Vanessa came as Janet from The Good Place. Debate was held over whether she qualified to remain at brunch since, you know, “Not a girl.”

The balance of the force

Officers Anzia and Julie balanced the force with their Sith and Jedi robes, respectively. (Pic) Remarkably, this was their very first cosplay ever :0 They had just returned from Galaxy’s Edge at Disneyland, where they bought all of the things!

Beth, while content to appear in costume as “Julie’s mom,” told us an amazing story of how she wanted to cosplay as the Grim Reaper but was working at an assisted living center at the time and figured it was probably…inappropriate. This was hands down everyone’s favorite costuming story from the brunch.

Chelsea R. and Danielle

Danielle came dressed as the Mistress of the Dark herself, Maleficent. No word on whether she’s seen the recent sequel yet! Chelsea R. came in an impressive snow leopard suit, but showed everyone a shockingly detailed and realistic crow mask that she’s been eyeing for a while. Costume goals!

Ali Wong & Steampunk Witch

Chelsea M. wore a beautiful steampunk witch outfit, complete with a stunning corset. Opting to enhance her waistline however, officer (and fitness instructor) Angela utilized a conveniently sized yoga ball to complete her Hard Knock Wife Ali Wong ensemble. Although, her son did think she was a pregnant cheetah!

We were also able to play “Who’s really pregnant?”

Where is behbeh?

As with every Cosplay brunch, non-GGB diners enjoyed our costumed hijinks, and we may even have recruited a new brunchette! And now, for your viewing pleasure, dino shenanigans!!!!

Kayla looks for steak on the menu, then T. rex does the same
T. rex down! We probably should have helped her but we couldn’t stop laughing.
Nothing to see here, just a T. rex and Snow Leopard paying for their meals. NBD.

Next up, our Star Trek November brunch!

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