Philly Goes Supernatural/Paranormal for October

Philly Goes Supernatural/Paranormal for October

Geek Girl Brunch Philly went to Rosy’s Taco Bar in Philadelphia for October’s Supernatural Brunch. Brunchettes celebrated all things spooky, paranormal, and supernatural in their dress, conversation, swag, and raffle prizes!

All brunchettes went home with a spooky swag bag full of candy, note pads, vampire teeth, stickers, and skull shot glasses. We raffled off great prizes as well, including a book of re-imagined Edgar Allan Poe stories called His Hideous Heart.

Brunchettes mixed traditional brunch food with contemporary Mexican food, trying dishes that could satisfy any palate. Heaping plates of pancakes, chilaquiles, breakfast tacos, and nachos stuffed brunchettes full; but not too full for the churros that came along with the brunch special!

Some brunchettes represented their love of Supernatural in their dress, and took a “family” picture at the end of brunch. After all, family doesn’t end in blood.

Winchester Sisters (and Charlie)

Rosy’s donates a portion of their proceeds toward organizations that support local immigrant communities. We love supporting businesses that #dobetter for our community! Watch out for #ggbdobetter activities from the Philadelphia chapter in the future!

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