GGB Glasgow: The Labyrinth Brunch

GGB Glasgow: The Labyrinth Brunch

So, the Labyrinth is a piece of cake, is it? Well, let’s see how you deal with this little slice..

Jareth – Labyrinth

Through dangers untold and hardships unnumbered, we fought our way here to the castle beyond the Goblin City to organise our latest brunch. For our will is as strong as the Goblin King’s, and our Geek Girl kingdom is as great. (ahem)

Labyrinth was a favourite childhood film for pretty much every 80’s kid we’ve ever met, and for lots of us it was our first introduction to fantasy themes and characters. Sarah was the protagonist so many of us identified with: strong minded and curious, yet also flawed and unsure of her own power. She was someone to look up to like a cool big sister, and of course we all wanted her wardrobe. I mean…THAT DRESS!

Come inside and have a cup of tea!

Labyrinth brunch attendees at The Butterfly and Pig

We decided to choose The Butterfly and Pig in Glasgow city centre for our brunch venue on the basis that they could cater for everyone’s dietary requirements, weren’t too expensive, and had a lovely chilled out atmosphere. Not only did they serve coffee in cute little china cups, they even gave us some free tiny slices of gluten free coconut cake. We opted to get a couple of bottles of red wine to share amongst the table, and then got properly chatting and stuck into the food.

The babes with the power

We had a brilliant turn out this time round, with some returning brunchettes and also a fresh batch of newbies. Confusingly, 3 brunchettes had the same name, but thankfully all of them had different funky hair colours which made life slightly easier!

Some brunchettes were initially a little bit shy, but we soon started bonding over our shared interests. We started talking about a love of all things burlesque, a slightly fanatical admiration for Dita von Teese, and even corsetry workshops by local designer Crikey Aphrodite. We all agreed that Jim Henson puppets are amazing (like those in The Curious Creations of Christine McConnell) and Fifty Shades of Grey is bloomin’ awful. One brunchette regaled us with tales of her current studies into medieval cookery books at University, and another told us all about attending a hacking camp called Electromagnetic Field last year. Both sounded like brilliant fun.

We also had a good old nose through some Labyrinth paraphernalia, including the Return to Labyrinth manga by Jake T. Forbes, the Labyrinth board game, and the Jareth and Sarah Funko Pops!

Dance magic dance

Crafting materials…mostly from the pound shop

One of the most iconic scenes in the movie is when Sarah is transported to a beautiful masquerade ball after eating an enchanted peach. Unsure of herself in this grown up world, she wanders around disorientated until Jareth sweeps in wearing a bejewelled jacket and dances with her to As The World Falls Down. Obviously she eventually figures out that it’s all an illusion and smashes her way out using a chair because she is a BADASS.

We all like expressing our geeky/alt side through clothes and accessories, and we’d had more than one request from a brunchette for a crafting activity. We decided this was the perfect opportunity to play to our strengths and make our own masquerade masks! Thankfully the staff at The Butterfly and Pig were extremely patient with us when we brought out the glitter, stickers and jewels and started getting our craft on. We were all extremely proud with the end results. Do you think Jareth would dance with any of us?

The finished results!

It’s only forever. Not long…until the next one.

We will be holding our next brunch at the end of April, which will have a My Little Pony theme. Until then, try not to fall into the bog of eternal stench, and may all your adventures be epic.

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