GGB San Antonio’s February Villain-Tines Brunch!

GGB San Antonio’s February Villain-Tines Brunch!

February is here and gathering, once again, at one of our regular meeting places, Ajjua Mexican Bar and Grill, we wouldn’t be who we are if we didn’t put a little twist on Valentine’s Day: Welcome to Villain-Tines!

That’s right, Villain-Tines. This brunch is dedicated to the characters that make our heroes shine brighter, the master minds that push our heroes to be their best, the men, women, and entities that drive a story that we love to sink our teeth into! Without Villains, after all, there would be no story, let alone a hero.

With that thought in mind, one of our officers, Maggie, went above and beyond to bring us this month’s grab bag – a reusable tote with one of eight memorable villains ironed on to the front (and the Geek Girl San Antonio logo on the back!)

But that was just the beginning of the lovely treats each girl took home. Other things that made it into the grab bags included rubber duckies, some Oreo cookies, and, of course, valentines of Grumpy Cat and assorted Disney Villains.

But what’s in the doily in the picture above, you may be wondering. Worry not, the ladies below are proud to model their new baubles!

But that’s not all we have to show off; some of our ladies came prepared with themed tee shirts of some of their favorite villains.

Along with the grab bags, brunch would not be brunch without a raffle, and this month, the girls did not disappoint! Many fandoms were represented; from Star Wars to Buffy, Disney to Minions, there was something for every fan to enjoy.

Check out the winners below!

We wrapped up a little earlier than usual, thanks to the weather, but we can’t wait to get together next month to celebrate all things Marvel. It also doesn’t hurt that the release of the Captain Marvel film is on the horizon!

Join us next time at Flying Saucer for a Make Mine Marvel Brunch.

More pictures of this event can be found on our Facebook page. Be sure and check out our albums for photos of our previous events!

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