Geek Girl Brunch Gainesville Hunts Cryptids

Geek Girl Brunch Gainesville Hunts Cryptids

Gainesville’s Cryptid Brunch

Geek Girl Brunch Gainesville came together to celebrate Bigfoot, Nessie, and Mothman. The April brunch was cryptid themed!

Brunchettes came dressed in honor of their favorite cryptids or as cryptid hunters. There was a lot of camo! Jackalopes, skunk apes, mermaids, and even dragons were represented.

For the first time, brunch was held at a buffet. Leonardo’s 706 was chosen specifically because of its eclectic and vegetarian/vegan-friendly brunch fare. This was no ordinary buffet line. There was chocolate pudding, tofu stir fry, cheese grits, salmon lox, tarragon eggs, mac and cheese, and so many more delicious dishes.

Brunchettes tested their knowledge with cryptid trivia. Ariel – who knew Champy was monster of Lake Champlain – won a Loch Ness Monster ladle.

Jordan’s 3D Printing Hub sponsored the swag bags!

Everyone received a swag bag put together by officers Emily and Megan. This month’s bag was sponsored by Jordan’s 3D Printing Hub! Jordan printed Bigfoot key chains for all the bags. You can contact Jordan at for all your nerdy 3D printing needs. In addition to the key chains, everyone got a monster rubber duck and candy.

More information on GGB Gainesville can be found on Facebook and Instagram.

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