Geek Girl Brunch Cleveland Celebrates Musicals!

This month the Geek Girl Brunch celebrated our love for all things musical! From Hamilton to A Very Potter Musical and everything in between! The brunch was held at Yorktown Lanes, who generously lent us their party room. In addition to enjoying delicious food, we tried something new this brunch and sang Karaoke! This was so much fun, even Toothless joined in. Everyone joined in for a group rendition of The Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen. 
**Next month brunch will be held on Saturday, April 13th. We will be celebrating our love of PBS!**

Geek Girls Love Wizard World!

Geek Girl Brunch Cleveland was represented at @WizardWorld Cleveland this month! We were generously given a fan booth and a panel to spread awareness about our group and gain new members. We added 45 new members to Geek Girl Brunch Cleveland from our efforts at Wizard World!

Game Night, Book Club and Meetups in March

Game Night:

Game Night was held the last weekend of March, and the game theme was party games! We played Mystery Date Catfished edition, Fake News Card Game and a trivia game using Amazon Echo! The next game night will be held on April 27th.

Book Club:

Book Club met the last weekend of March at The Saffron Patch in Beachwood. Everyone enjoyed the delicious lunch buffet, especially the Naan! We read Atomic City Girls this month, and got to enjoy the perspective of our nuclear engineer in the group, Debbie Goodenow, about how the book compares to the reality. The next book club will be held April 28th, and the theme is Manga.

Meetups March 2019: 

March 2nd – A group of girls met at Cedar Lee Theatre for a live rendition of Clue!

March 3rd – Warhol Endangered Species Exhibit at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History 

March 13th – Fathom Event Dr. Who Logopolis at Cinemark At Valley View

March 23rd – BINGO! Held at Ed Keating Centers Bingo

Upcoming Meetups for April 2019:

April 6th – BINGO! Food theme is sub sandwiches.

April 6th – Pizza outing at Ohio Pie Co.

April 8th – First movie of the 2019 Ghibli Fest is Howl’s Moving Castle at 7pm at Regal Cinemas in Crocker Park.

April 13th – Yuri’s Night at the Great Lakes Science Center

April 27th – Monthly movie outing, movie and time TBD

DIY Geeky Girl Corner

This month we revel in our love of Musicals. Who doesn’t love a good musical from Disney movies to stage performances? But what do you do with all the playbills? Why not make a collage in a big frame! Then you can enjoy them all the time and they aren’t just in a box somewhere hidden.

Happy Crafting!

Member of the Month!

Name: Amanda Method

Age: 32

By day: Disabled, Mom, Cat Lady

By night: Gaming, Audiobooks, Knitting, crochet, well let’s just say every craft known to man and leave it at that.

What is your GGB Origin Story?: So this is going to be long an convoluted so brace yourselves. Back in May 2016 I made an off the cuff post on Facebook about my adoration for a group called Baby Metal. A friend of mine from high school told me one of her friends was seeing Baby Metal at that very second and we needed to be friends. So we became friends on Facebook and discussed meeting up. She mentioned that she hoped to be in town soon for some meetup called Geek Girl Brunch and I signed up IMMEDIATELY. I missed that May brunch but went to the June brunch which was Harry Potter themed. I went in full costume and was thrilled to see that I wasn’t the only wierdo in cosplay. That girl that told me about Geek Girl Brunch later went on to create Geek Girl Brunch Youngstown (Love you Dana!) and I have attended every single brunch since! That means I have been to 31 brunches!

Favorite Fandoms: Doctor Who, Jeff Goldblum, Cats, Welcome to Night Vale, Minecraft

What is your Hogwarts House?: Slytherin

You’re headed to space! Which ship are you on?: How is that even a question? The TARDIS!

Living, dead, or fictional who are the other 5 people sitting at your dream dinner table?: Jeff Goldblum, David Tennant, John Barrowman, Alex Kingston, and Brendon Urie

What would you want your superpower to be?: Teleportation

Team Vampire or Team Werewolf?: Vampires Clearly

What is your favorite book?: The Giver by Lois Lowry and A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness

What is your favorite band or music genre?: Nightwish, Panic! At The Disco, Weird Al, Symphonic Metal and whatever Panic! Is doing at the time.

Don’t forget to nominate more people!

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