GGB Youngstown – February 2019 Craft Brunch

GGB Youngstown – February 2019 Craft Brunch

February saw us setting up a craft themed brunch with the help of an amazing local store called Three Sheep Gallery & Workshop. They offer a lovely selection of hand crafted gifts, as well as classes and workshops on how to create your own works of art.
We arranged for them to provide us with a class on using polymer clay and how to make simple pendants, and it was a huge hit!

We had a great group of 16 members and our lovely instructor Jeanette

Officers Heather and Sam arrived early to meet with the owner of Three Sheep, Lisa, who was wonderful and had arranged everything so we didn’t have a single thing to worry about. They got to meet with Jeanette who was the instructor for our class, and very knowledgeable on her craft. The brunchettes were offered refreshments, and set up with all the supplies they would need for the class.

We began with Jeanette explaining that we’d each be making a polymer clay pendant, designed to be worn as a necklace. She had already created the polymer clay canes with which we’d be working, as they’re quite complicated and not easy for first-timers, but there was a brilliant selection of colours and patterns to choose from. She went on to talk us step-by-step through how we would put together our pendants.

After a thorough explanation we were thrust into the making process, Jeanette keeping a watchful eye on us and offering help and advice as needed.

After setting up the design as wanted it was a simple case of cutting it out, and putting a small hole where the eyelets would eventually be set for hanging. It couldn’t have been made any more simple, letting us enjoy crafting and socializing as we went.

We were apparently so good at following Jeanette’s instructions that we were given the opportunity to make not just 1 pendant, but 3!! Everyone was so excited to get the chance to create different designs, and we were very grateful to Jeanette and Lisa giving us the opportunity.

Once we had finished making our own works of art Jeanette then spent some time talking through how she made the ‘chaos canes’ with which we worked, and has insisted that if we should want to do another class at a later date she would be happy to help us work through making our own.

This was such a popular event that we had four new Brunchettes join us!

Welcome Anna, Casey, Dani, and Becca!

We were also very excited that this was our first brunch with our new officer Aubrey! We’re so excited to have her on board with us, and cant wait to see what she brings to the chapter here on out!

GGB Youngstown Officers (left to right): Sam, Aubrey, & Heather

All in all the event went amazingly! We had such a great time, and everyone left knowing they had three beautiful works of art, made by their own hands! Thank you so much to Lisa, the owner of Three Sheep Gallery, and Jeanette, our instructor. We are so grateful for all they did to make this event happen for us. They went on to finish each of our pendants for us, baking the clay, and setting eyelets for the chains.

Thank you also to our members who attended, we wouldn’t be here without you, and we’re so glad everyone enjoyed the days fun!

Our next brunch will be in March, and will feature a Sitcom’s theme~ so start brushing up on your trivia! We look forward to seeing you then!

Some of our beautiful creations~

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