GGB Reno’s “Justice League” January Brunch

GGB Reno’s “Justice League” January Brunch
DC brunch swag – drawstring bags from made by officer Vanessa, filled with
Justice League Honey Graham Crackers!

For our first event of 2019, Geek Girl Brunch Reno held our first ever DC-themed brunch. While many of the girls did not consider themselves huge DC fans (we even had a Marvel infiltrator who wore a Captain America shirt, just to be cheeky), we still had plenty of fun discussing our favorite (and least favorite) movies, shows, comics, casting choices, video games, and everything else under the Kryptonian red sun.

Officer Julie, who does not identify as a huge DC fan, first chose to acknowledge the legend that is Mark Hamill’s Joker from Batman: The Animated Series. She loved the Wonder Woman movie, and while she was originally disappointed in Gal Gadot’s casting (she didn’t look “Amazonian” enough), she thinks she’s fantastic – and so did most of the table.

First time brunchette Mandy said her favorite is Batman, particular from the Tim Burton era. She called the Michelle Pfeiffer Catwoman aesthetic “her thing.”
Chenetta, another first timer, doesn’t consider herself a huge DC fan either, but did grow up watching the original Superman movies with Christopher Reeve and still owns all 4 of his Superman movies. She likes Henry Cavill but didn’t really connect with Man of Steel. She really loves Wonder Woman though!

Danielle, despite her prominently-displayed Marvel allegiance, has had a favorite character since way back in the day. She loved Aquaman EVEN BEFORE he was Jason Momoa, that is, before he was popular. She loves the new movie, and would be very excited to see a Poison Ivy/Harley Quinn team up movie!

DC fanwear showcase! Clockwise, from left, Officers Julie & Angela, Lindsay M. and officer Vanessa, Batman fan Ami, and DC fan extraordinaire Lindsay S.

Lindsay S. made a great case for being the biggest DC fan in the group. Her husband introduced her to the JLA through the comics, telling her it was time for her to find “her character.” She eventually gravitated towards Kyle Rayner’s Green Lantern, which got her into Green Arrow and Black Canary comics as well. As a most impressive badge of nerd cred, all 3 of her children are named after DC superheroes!

Anna, yet another first time brunchette (yay!) also LOVES Aquaman. She really loves things that are cheesy and campy, so much that she even enjoyed the new Suicide Squad movie. Surprisingly, she was not the only person at the table to agree!

Lindsay M. also really enjoyed Suicide Squad. It was fun, light, with comic relief throughout, which was a welcome change to the dreary downers of the Zac Snyder-era prior DCEU films. She likes the CW network DC tv shows like Arrow, Flash, and Supergirl.

Officer Vanessa grew up watching DC cartoons, movies, and reading the comics, and wanted to be Wonder Woman for her entire young childhood. Despite this, Batman is her favorite superhero. Her husband is also a huge DC fan and they consume pretty much all DC-related programming possible.

Kate really loved the new Aquaman movie, and wore mermaid leggings to brunch to represent it! She grew up with old Batman and Superman on TV, since her dad was a huge comics fan. She also loved the Michelle Pfeiffer Catwoman and Danny DeVito Penguin. She also loves the characters Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy from SpongeBob Squarepants, as they are obvious DC homages!

Connie grew up with no TV in her home, so she’s had to play catch up as an adult. She started with DC movies and comics, but the video game Batman: Arkham Asylum introduced her to the world of Batman villains!

Officer Kayla is not a DC fan, but she does consider Wonder Woman to be a redeeming factor. She appreciated Mark Hamill’s Joker, and still plans on seeing Aquaman.

Although Nuriko doesn’t really consider herself a DC fan per se, she reads more DC comics than Marvel because Marvel continuously reboots things. Her favorite Batman is Terry McGinnis, aka Batman Beyond. She also really likes Swamp Thing, including the 80s movie!

Ami considers herself more a Batman fan than a DC-in-general fan. She considers Batman: The Animated Series to be the best adaptation, and Kevin Conroy the quintessential Batman voice. She also loves the Lego Batman movie, as it is chock full of “true fan easter eggs.” She is also a fan of Terry McGinnis’ Batman Beyond, thinks Alfred is the best DC character, and her favorite villain is the Ventriloquist.

Although the food was great, Angela’s “breakfast burrito with cheese” brought some serious laughs

In her own words, Officer Angela admitted “I like DC ok.” She liked the Christopher Nolan film trilogy, and was surprisingly the first to bring up the Lois and Clark TV show. She really liked Lex Luthor on that show, even named her car “Sexy Lexy.” She now owns a Lexus named “Mr. Luthor.”

Self-professed “non-DC fans” outnumbered the true DC fans…and rubbed it in their faces the entire brunch…

While the DC fans may have been outnumbered by the non-DC fans at brunch, there is no denying the fact that most of our Reno geek girls harbor at least some level of love for it. Between the jokers who came up with the term “Jason Man-Moa,” or the extended tangent involving Six Flags (which is DC-branded!), there was plenty of DC fanaticism to go around!

Will GGB Reno return with another geeky brunch recap? Tune in next month – same Bat-time, same Bat-channel!

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