Geek Girl Brunch Cleveland – Celebrate Your Fandom (Our 3rd Anniversary Brunch!)

Geek Girl Brunch Cleveland – Celebrate Your Fandom (Our 3rd Anniversary Brunch!)

This month, our brunch theme was Celebrate Your Fandom for our 3rd Anniversary Brunch. This year, we returned to the Yard House in Crocker Park. As tradition, we did a white elephant type exchange during brunch, and the stealing was intense!

Food on the menu consisted of lunch fare, with items ranging from tacos to bbq chicken pizza to pork lumpia.

Everyone was able to choose a white elephant gift. However, if a gift was stolen a 3rd time, it was “dead”. A set of books, a Dr. Who blanket, and a steampunk set went dead pretty quickly.

Table of white elephant gifts.

In addition to the white elephant gifts, Miniworld Entertainment donated a case of Fangirl coloring books by Katie Cook & Ashley Eckstein (aka Her Universe) to our members who were at brunch.

In addition to our Official Brunch, we had other activities this month….

In the Meetup Group, we had:

  • A few members get together to see Mean Girls at the Cedar Lee Theater.
  • Our Meetup movie of the month was Lego Movie 2: The Second Movie at the Cinemark in Valley View.
  • BINGO returned this month. Member Aubrie won at her first time there! The food theme this month was Desserts!
  • There were also a couple trips to the Cleveland Museum of Art for the Tudor Tapestries and the Georgia O’Keffe Exhibit.

In Geek Girl Brunch Clevleand Game Night, the theme was Tacos and Trivia!

Keeping up with the Mexican theme, our Geek Girl Brunch Cleveland Book Club met to discuss Soulless By Gail Carriger at Don Ramon’s in Crocker Park.

In March, we are all looking forward to Wizard World Cleveland’s return. Geek Girl Brunch Cleveland will have a booth and a panel there. However, at the time of this blog writing, no other information is available.

Our Official Brunch theme for March will be Musicals and Karaoke! Evites with information about the brunch should be going out soon.

See the Meetup Group page for March’s upcoming events. While not our movie meetup event, we do have a small group already going to see Dr. Who’s Logopoplis. The poll for the movie meetup will be out March 1.

And, as of this writing, theme for March’s Game Night has not been posted. So, please go to their page for information. Link here.

Our Book Club theme for March will be Historical Fiction. Currently, there is a poll up of books for our members to vote on to read.

As always, we look forward to seeing your at one of our events!

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