GGB Newport News Does Dinner & a Movie!

GGB Newport News Does Dinner & a Movie!

As a pretty new chapter of only 6 months old, we are still learning and growing as we go. It is important for our chapter to try new things in order to see what works for us, and what doesn’t.  Plus, there are so many fun and cool Geek things to do! With that being said, in November, GGB Newport News did dinner and a movie night!

November saw the release of some geek-tastic movies, but the most geek-tastic of them all was Fantastic Beasts: The Grimes of Grindlewald. (You’ll find no spoilers here)

Brunchettes met up in Kiln Creek at 3 Amigo’s Mexican restaurant, and in true fan girl fashion, several arrived in their fave HP/ Fantastic Beasts gear. Hufflepuff in the house!  Also in the house were two of our newest members, Tai & Stephanie! Officer Jennifer was also able to officially announce the addition of brunchettes Wendy and Jen A. as new officers to the chapter!

Officer Jennifer provided swag bag goodies that included Fantastic Beast frameable coloring sheets, stickers, and 20th Anniversary Harry Potter Bookmarks. Lucky raffle winner Katie went home with a handmade HP tote bag full of coloring pages, Bertie Bott’s every flavor beans, and a Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindlewald poster!


The food and company were so good, that Officer Jennifer didn’t have time to snap any photos of the delicious entrees! She did however snap one of Wendy’s fried ice cream!

After dinner, the brunchettes made a short trip across the street to the Regal Cinema for the 7pm standard showing of Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindlewald. We were able to easily find a row of seats together, as the theatre did not have reserved seating. After securing seats, drinks, and lots of buttered popcorn, the ladies settled in for the big show!

Let’s just say, “WOW”. There was a lot to talk about afterwards!


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