GGB Philly – Guy Fawkes Day!

GGB Philly – Guy Fawkes Day!

November of 2018 brought a celebration of Guy Fawkes Day across the pond from England to Philadelphia.  Brunchettes visited Revolution House in Old City Philadelphia for a relaxing Sunday brunch.  Topics of conversation included the comic and movie V for Vendetta as well as revolutions throughout history and across the globe.  Brunchettes were able to enjoy a view of Old City Philadelphia from our spot on the second floor terrace (with closed in windows for the season).

Revolution House offered many exciting beers on tap, so several Brunchettes were able to try a sampler flight of multiple drafts.  Drafts chosen  came out stacked vertically around a pole, which Brunchettes found to be a unique and pretty way to display the beers.  Other Brunchettes sampled seasonal cocktails fit for the cold weather, like a Hot Toddy or Mulled Cider!

Brunchettes all went home with a Guy Fawkes mask ring – 3d printed just for us in different sizes by one of our officers!  Raffles during brunch included bookmarks, keychains, and an actual mask!  Brunchettes also participated in a fun quiz about worldwide revolutions.  Most of us learned that we need to brush up on our history lessons.

Some of our Brunchettes who spent time in England or had family in England also told their stories of celebrating Guy Fawkes Night (or Bonfire Night).  They shared all about celebrations with fireworks and bonfires to commemorate the foiled Gunpowder Plot.

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