GGB Youngstown – November 2018 Blind Date with a Book

GGB Youngstown – November 2018 Blind Date with a Book

GGB Youngstown Blind Date with a Book

November was a busy month for the Youngstown Chapter. As a special mention; on November 17th our officer Sam set up our first Dungeons and Dragons event for our Brunchettes. It was hosted at one of the local breweries: Paladin Brewing, where she organized a group of DM’s to come and run a one shot module. This gave first timers a chance to see whether they would enjoy D&D, plus it allowed seasoned players a chance to hang out and have fun with other GGB Members.

There was a turn out of 14 players, and they enjoyed a wild night of combating all that D&D has to offer! They were given a brief overview of what the game is and how it runs, then were able to pick from a selection of pregenerated characters, before enjoying several hours of game play. Much fun was had by all, along with some very good beer care of Paladin. We hope to make this a regular ‘non-official’ event so our Brunchettes can continue to enjoy the amazing world of D&D!

Thank you to Paladin Brewing for hosting us, and thank you to everyone who came to help run the games, we couldn’t have made this happen without you all.

Besides D&D we were kept busy with our Official Brunch the very next morning, on November 18th – Blind Date with a Book!

We hosted a similar event last year, and it went over so well we knew we’d have to repeat it.

Everyone arrived at the Stonebridge Grille at 11am clutching a wrapped book under their arm. We had asked the Brunchettes to select a sentence or passage from the book  and to write it on the wrapping as an enticement to the other attendees, but something which would be vague enough to not give away what was hidden inside.

blind date

There was a great selection, and it truly wet the literary appetite~

After ordering food we began by drawing names, each Brunchette being able to go up and select a book of their choice from the table. However…this is where the fun began..! If you had spotted a book which grabbed your interest and a Brunchette had already selected it you’d be able to steal that book away from them! A book could be stolen up to three times before it was out of play, and it meant that we went for some time with Brunchettes seeing the book of their choice slip through their fingers.

Once everyone had a book, and there were no more to be stolen we got to enjoy ripping the wrapping paper off and seeing what everyone had selected, and there were some amazing titles!

You may notice that we had more wrapped books than members attend this month. As a group we decided to let our wonderful waitresses in on the fun, and they each also got to take a book away with them as a thank you for their great service (and putting up with our particular brand of geeky!)

We got to enjoy talking over who had brought which book with them, and got a lot of other great ideas for future reading. Many of us exchanged contacts on GoodReads, looking forward to stalking through one anothers book lists for even more ideas.

The food was wonderful, the conversation great, and all in all it was another fun filled morning, as always when we get together.

Our officers, left to right: Mandy, Nikki, Danamarie, Heather, & Sam

Thank you to everyone who attended, we hope you enjoy reading the books you got. Please let us know your thoughts, even post a book review on our facebook page if you’d like! As always we wouldn’t  be here without our amazing members, thank you to everyone, we hope to see you next month!

Next months Brunch is set for December 8th and will be a Fandom Free-For-All, followed by holiday shopping!

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