The Emerald Coast is Super…Natural!

The Emerald Coast is Super…Natural!
The Emerald Coast is Supernatural!

“Driver picks the music, shotgun shuts his cakehole.” (new) Officer Rebecca here, and that phrase is one I use on a daily basis with my daughter. You’d think that she’d remember it since we watch Supernatural but somehow she always tries to take over the radio in the car. Now I know how Dean Winchester feels.

Our Supernatural brunch went down at Fubar pizza on Okaloosa Island. This was our first time going to a pizza joint for brunch, which is fitting since pizza is a staple of the Hunter diet. The bottomless mimosas flowed, and the food was great!

The pizzas were large and delicious, and would’ve made Dean proud. The nachos were enough to serve an army of Winchester men and the mimosas were delicious. While drinking and eating, the conversation flowed as usual. Some ladies had never seen Supernatural, and others (like me) love the show and are great fans of the Winchesters. We discussed all things geek including our next brunch theme (DOCTOR WHO!), the upcoming Fantastic Beasts movies, the new Poldark season, and of course Outlander. Jamie and Claire always seem to make appearances in our brunch conversations. One of my favorite things about these monthly brunches is how easily we all talk about our favorite nerd subjects, and how I learn something new every time.

Our fearless leader made sure that we had some great swag for the raffle, including some cute keychain tags with Supernatural catch phrases including the lovely “assbutt” (one of my personal favorite terms). I am racking my brain to remember the other raffle items, but I confess that I am writing this over a month after the brunch (apparently I am taking Mandie’s place as the resident procrastinator) and I had quite a few drinks at the brunch. What I do remember is that I wanted all the things, but was quite excited to get my assbutt keychain tag.

Next month is Doctor Who (FINALLY) and I cannot wait! Til next time, remember to always carry salt.

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