Geek Girl Brunch Gainesville Enjoys Tricks and Treats

Geek Girl Brunch Gainesville Enjoys Tricks and Treats

Gainesville’s Tricks and Treats Brunch

Gainesville’s October brunch was extra sweet and a little spooky. Brunchettes met up at Root and Pecker for a Tricks-or-Treats themed brunch. The best part of Halloween is obviously the candy, so it was an easy decision for October’s theme.

The brunch venue was chosen specifically for its plentiful vegetarian and vegan options. Root and Pecker offers vegetarian biscuits and gravy, vegan tempeh bacon and many other plant-based dishes.

Brunchettes came dressed in their Halloween costumes. Some were handmade, like Aimee’s stick figure costume, and some were bought on Amazon, like Megan’s Supergirl costume. Every single one looked amazing! The manager of Root and Pecker took a group photo for the restaurant’s social media.

Every brunch there is a raffle. All the money from these raffles goes directly back into buying awesome gifts for swag bags. This month’s raffle prize was a fabulous collection of Halloween candy from Sugarfina. Gummy brains, sour pumpkins, and sugar skulls were packaged in a coffin case.


Brunchettes received a Trick-or-Treat swag bag put together by Officers Emily and Megan. It was full of candy (it was a Trick-or-Treat theme after all!) and had the traditional rubber duck. This duck was a bit macabre; it was an eyeball!

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