A family affair!

A family affair!

A Family Affair!

This month Geek Girl Brunch Newport News decided to mix it up! October’s brunch theme was Paranormal, but the emphasis was on the fact that this was a special pot luck brunch, open to our wonderful brunchettes AND their families! Another great thing was that our Virginia weather finally cooled, and brunch was able to be held outside! (insert sighs of relief and praise here).

Our brunchettes and their loved ones met up at Newport News Park for the pot luck. We had a sheltered table area, with a little park area right next to it for the little ones to have fun!


Our brunch experience was not without a few hiccups, we did have a few sprinkles (not the cool rainbow kind you put on ice cream), and maybe some confusing verbage in the directions, on where the picnic tables were located. We weren’t going to let that get us down though!

Our amazing Geek Girl Wendy put together a pot luck sign up sheet for us to make sure we had all the basics covered.  Traditional picnic fare was had by all, including hotdogs, chips, a bangin’ mozzarella and tomato salad, some “paranormal” sugar cookies, fruits, veggies, and lots of DELICIOUS

“deviled” eggs. (Special shout out to Geek Girl Kelly’s mama!)

Officer Jennifer brought along a face painting kit for the kids, and did this cute little Pinky Pie design for one of our little guys.

We even had two of the cutest furry Geek Girl Pets attend brunch!

Lady, who belongs to Geek Girl Kendra, and is named after Lady & the Tramp.
Penny, who belongs to Officer Jennifer, and is named after Penny on Big Bang Theory.

We welcomed our Newest brunchette Emily to the bunch, and got to know some of our brunchettes extended family members. The more the merrier! Or is it The more geeks the merrier! ? We left brunch with full bellies and full hearts! Thanks everyone for making it another great day!

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