Geek Girl Brunch Los Angeles: Fandom Foodie Brunch

Geek Girl Brunch Los Angeles: Fandom Foodie Brunch

In a city as large as Los Angeles, there is no shortage of places to see and brunch at.  Combine this with the randomly selected Fandom Foodie Brunch theme, spin the wheel of possibilities, and we commence at the Getty Museum!

The Getty is must visit destination for lovers of not just art, but fashion, architecture, botany, and social events.  To enter the museum, patrons ride a smooth tram where you see  a top view of the 405 freeway and miles beyond. Once you disembark the tram, patrons are free to stroll right in as admission is free. On a  particular Sunday, we convened at one of the outdoor eating areas and began our picnic brunch.

Fandom Foodie Brunch theme was pretty limitless. We invited members to bring food either inspired by their fandom, direct from their fandoms or become a foodie themselves. From the spread below, it was a fantastic collection of food!

Can you spy the Doctor Who and Star Wars theme.Toni, GGB LA officer, couldn’t help but combine her deficiency in cooking skills and love of all things Gudetama! (that is the yellow blob with the face).

The brunch may have been a small gathering but it was cozy and full of  hearty conversation. It did not take long to stuff our bellies. As we let our tummies process the delicious food, we traded and shared thoughts on Game of Thrones, Crimes of Grindelwald, and a deep wish to attend DragonCon.

Once we felt ready to move around, the first exhibit we viewed was fashion photography.  So many stunning and bizarre fashion photos!

Although the brunch may have been small, it was cozy and brimming with friendship. We were able to chat  and share stories more intimately.  We have found that many of our brunchettes are shy and unsure of the geek landscape around them. Brunches like these are a great stepping stone to encourage this exploration. Just as the city is larger, there is a large pool of excuses that people can give to keep from attending events.  So when members tell us that they drove hours for the brunch, we are beyond honored and appreciative.


Geek Girl Brunch Los Angeles will be going on holiday break and will be back with the next brunch event in January 2019!

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