Dalek-table Mimosa Time

Hello Sweeties, Officer Rebecca again with a brilliant recap of our Doctor Who brunch. I have waited almost a year for this brunch! I truly love all things Doctor Who, even Capaldi, and my Whovian soul was so excited about this brunch. The Boathouse Landing was our location, and it was my first time ever eating there. It was delicious and the service was good, definitely recommend going there to anyone looking for a place to brunch.

Our raffle swag for this month’s brunch was BRILLIANT! We had Doctor Who cloth napkins (Casey finds the best fabrics), small makeup/change bags, and even a pair of sonic screwdriver earrings that were given to me by a winner who isn’t a Whovian. I will be wearing those earrings while I watch the Doctor Who season premiere in October.


While The Boathouse Landing did not offer fish fingers & custard as a dish, there were plenty of other amazing options such as fish & grits, steak & eggs, and of course bottomless mimosas. We Whovians educated our fellow Geeks about Gallifrey, regeneration, Daleks, and the fact that the new Doctor is a woman (though sadly not a ginger, maybe that will happen on day). We debated on the scariest episodes-my vote is always The Empty Child-and engaged in spirited discussions around who our favorite Doctor is. There was also discussion about horror movies in general and Halloween. Conversation is never an issue with this group, and many times our brunches go on for hours; this one was no exception. In October our brunch will be a potluck brunch at a Geek’s home and we excitedly talked about what food to bring, what to wear (the theme is All Things Horror), and began tossing around ideas for our next Do Better project. I am not sure anything can top the sewing marathons that took place for our pillowcase project, but we can always try!

Until next time, don’t be as useless at the G in lasagna, and remember to always bring a banana to a party.

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