GGB Fairfield’s Two Year Anniversary Book Swap!

GGB Fairfield’s Two Year Anniversary Book Swap!

The ladies of Geek Girl Brunch celebrated the two year anniversary this summer! In honor of this event, the group gathered for one of our favorite brunches – a book swap!  This year, we put a twist on the event and made it a “Blind Date with a Book” brunch, where each brunchette wrapped their books before bringing them and wrote a brief description or key words on the wrappings to tempt their peers.  We gathered where we held our very first brunch, a little place called Local in Fairfield where the food is great and the mimosas are bottomless.  We even got to sit at the exact same table as our first brunch!

After ordering our food, we played some really tricky book trivia.  We had two winners, Rose and Alice, that got to take home some great swag, including books, tote bags, and pencil cases!  They also completely blew the competition out of the water – they are quite literally “book” smart.

After eating and catching up/fangirling over David Tennant starring in Good Omens, we had our book exchange!  The books were all piled in the middle of the table, in their different wrappings from paper bags to Christmas wrappings.  The description book swapwritten on each book was read-aloud and then the choosing began!  These books were such a wide variety, from modern contemporaries, to urban fantasy, to heist-centered and self-help books, and even a graphic novel written by those good, good McElroy boys.  Some of our ladies wrote such good descriptions, that the brunchettes choosing their book were even enticed to picking books they already owned (trades were made to balance this out)!

It was an incredibly hot day, so we wrapped up our brunch shortly after to enjoy the rest of our Sunday afternoons.  It was a great anniversary celebration for GGB Fairfield and we look forward to having many more!

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