GGB StL Metro Takes Over Geek Craft Expo!

GGB StL Metro Takes Over Geek Craft Expo!
GGB StL Metro teams up with Geek Craft Expo

     July was an awesome month for this little chapter as we more than doubled our numbers.  We got to team up with Geek Craft Expo, a pop-up craft market that features handmade geeky goods all made by local artisans.  This expo was full of literally the best stuff EVER!  There were tons of geeky clothes, bags, blankets, key chains, candles, bows, jewelry, figures, and so much more, including booths by some of our very own brunchettes.  We volunteered to help the vendors in and out of the expo with their crafty items and to run a kid’s crafting table, while also running our very own GGB StL Metro Table.  The best part of this whole weekend was getting a chance to meet and to chat with all the local geeky ladies, telling them what Geek Girl Brunch is all about!


Members, new members everywhere!

     Over the course of the weekend, we gave out a little more than 500 of our chapter’s business cards and introduced so many new women to what it means to be a part of this amazing brunch group.  Our numbers more than doubled and our brunches have been so much fun getting to know all these local geeky ladies that didn’t even know that GGB existed.  Walking into this expo, our goal was to leave there having shared our own experiences, our favorite brunches, activities, themes, and what it means to be a Geek Girl with the ladies of this community.    What we got was that this community didn’t realize that we existed and they were ready for what we had to offer them!


We came, we shopped, we conquered!

     Each of us left with a handful of geeky things including; jewelry, dresses, bows, stools, aprons, key chains, and more than we anticipated buying, but how often are all these things right in front of you… right? It seemed an appropriate way to reward ourselves for a weekend of hard work!  To top it all off, we were invited out next year to run an actual brunch table for the event as part of our own area, and we couldn’t be happier!  Geek Craft Expo offered us a spot that let us reach out to our community and meet so many new ladies who bring so much to our geeky table!

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