GGB Leeds: A Box of Delights – Autumn/Winter Season 2017/18

GGB Leeds: A Box of Delights – Autumn/Winter Season 2017/18

Here at GGB Leeds, we always try to make our brunches the best they can be. Sadly, they can’t always be the biggest.

For a vast number of reasons – schedule conflicts, childcare issues, etc… which even, after much consideration, led to a brief Chapter sabbatical over Summer – our events have been a bit less busy in recent months, leading to more casual, relaxed gatherings. But, we’ve still being getting together and celebrating our geekiness, so here’s a whistle-stop tour of our latest brunches:


JUNE – The Geek Girl Swap Shop / Race for Life

It was back to The Community Hub at John Lewis for this potluck get-together: attendees brought along their own lunches, some tabletop games to play, and some geeky collectibles and books to swap with one another. For #GGBDoBetter, Officer Hannah swapped and sold off some of her beloved Funko Pops in order to raise funds for the library in Hope Community Village, Kerala, India.


The Chapter also entered teams into the Leeds and York 5k Races for Life. Proudly donning pink attire as we walked around the courses in boiling summer heat, we collectively raised over £500 for Cancer Research UK through sponsorship.


OCTOBER – All Pit, No Pendulum

This gloomy Halloween gathering was held in an appropriately-named venue – The Pit, a restaurant/bar at basement level with wooden interiors and dark lighting. A few Brunchettes braved wearing costumes as we enjoyed burgers, fajitas and cocktails. “Treats for the Crypt” was our charity activity: a collection of sweet treats, tinned food and toiletries to be donated to St. George’s Crypt, a Leeds-based charity supporting the homeless.

NOVEMBER – DC Red Hot Geek Girls

The Red Hot World Buffet offered our Brunchettes a chance to sample all-you-can-eat cuisine from across the globe (Chinese, Italian, Indian, Mexican, you name it!) as we discussed our favorite comic heroines from the world of DC – the swag including pencils and colourful medals of those most super of women.

DECEMBER – The Geek Girl Grotto

As in December 2016, John Lewis kindly hosted us yet again for another potluck Christmas party. Crackers were pulled and Secret Santa gifts were exchanged as Brunchettes enjoyed a buffet lunch to a soundtrack of holiday songs. Our big activity of the day was a quiz about Christmas movies and media… with some answers eluding even the most passionate lovers of the season among us!

JANUARY – Jan for Stan

Kaspa’s Desserts was the venue this New Year. Attendees tucked into chocolate crepes, ice-cream sundaes and other luxurious puddings as we discussed and honoured the works of Stan Lee: from his many great comics to his now infamous Marvel movie cameos.

(In fact, we were so busy having fun at these last three events, we neglected to take any good photos! Oops!)


Finally, as February rolled around, people had got through the mad rushes of Summer, school restarts and the holiday season, and attendance numbers seemed to be on the rise. It was time for GGB Leeds to come back with a bang – planning an event at one of the city’s newest and hottest venues, to coincide with the release of the Black Panther movie. In our next update, found out how we celebrated this feline-based hero in the company of some real-life furry friends…

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