GGB StL Metro RPG Afternoon

GGB StL Metro RPG Afternoon

GGB StL Plays the RPG Dungeons & Dragons

We teamed up with Star Clipper once again for an amazing non-brunch side event.  We had a large number of brunchettes that were wanting to try their hand at D&D and Star Clipper reached out willing to host and teach us.  Not only did they allow us to use their space, but they also brought in 4 of their very own Dungeon Masters who spent about 5 hours with us teaching us the ropes.


What We Learned

     The DM’s taught us everything we needed to know about creating a character, spending about 2 hours meticulously pouring over details of each class, race, and stat. They let us choose everything and helped us with any questions.  Once our characters and abilities were all figured out, all that was left to do was play.  Each of our small groups jumped right in and started to play in our own D&D adventures acted out by the DM’s, who graciously helped us with our gameplay along the way.

     What we started to figure out was that literally, nothing was off limits unless the DM said so and that D&D was just a  game of problem solving and strategy.  Every action we chose had some kind of reaction and many of our choices came with some form of consequence if we weren’t careful.  The most important thing that we learned from this whole adventure was that we were all having fun and that we might really like playing D&D… though I think I speak for most of us who attended when I say that creating our characters was the most stressful part of this whole process.  One wrong choice meant that a worm-filled troll might almost kill you should you try to sneak attack it when it’s not paying attention.  Oh, that’s just me?  Oops!   #roguelife am I right?

Why are Dice so Pretty?!

     We also learned that a few of us are suckers for pretty dice!  Why are they so pretty in the first place?  Some of our ladies bought or borrowed dice before the event, and some of them purchased dice there, but overall the assessment was that each set was different from the next and all of them were just pretty!

     All in all, we had a great time learning D&D.  We are always so grateful to Star Clipper and Fantasy Comics for always thinking of us and getting us involved in new things!  If you’re ever in the St. Louis Metro area, check them out!


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