Newport News rings in Fall with an Autumn Harvest!

Newport News rings in Fall with an Autumn Harvest!

It was a long wait between August’s brunch, and the arrival of September’s Autumn Harvest themed brunch, but it did not disappoint!

The ladies of Newport New’s GGB chapter decided to help usher summer out the front door (We won’t miss you humidity, Bye Felicia!) with an Autumn Harvest Brunch, celebrating all things we know and love about Fall. For another change of scenery the brunchettes switched things up a bit and enjoyed the tasty treats of Food for Thought in Williamsburg.

The parking lot is an indicator of a restaurants popularity, and the wait line out front. Seriously, there’s an over flow parking lot at Ripley’s Believe it or Not. There was not much of a wait for these ladies, as Chapter Officer Jennifer used her noodle to call ahead their reservation!

Brunch pulled out all the stops with these delicious plates!

Sausage and Gravy

A few of the ladies partook in mimosa’s and their non alcoholic counter part (a.k.a. Just O.J.), while our adventurous geek girl Kendra tried the specialty drink, Red Bison Power Start! A freshly juiced beet, carrot, and apple combo power juice. Let’s just say, the beet get’s a bad rap.

Sad Beet

With October’s brunch on the horizon, and the holidays upon us, these geek girls made it clear the summer mosquitoes and creepy crawlies will not be missed! Bring on the sweater weather, apple cider, and pumpkin picking! Conversation is never dull with these ladies, and a good time is always had by all! 5 members were on hand to give a warm welcome to our newest geek girl Melissa!

We wrapped up brunch with a couple raffles and a candy corn guessing game (winner gets to keep the candy!). These weren’t just any candy corns either! They were apple pie, pumpkin pie, and regular flavored!

How many do you think there are? 210!

Swag: blinged out spider rings, candy apples, and Starbucks pumpkin spice cookie straws!
Raffle item 1.


Raffle item #2 and it’s cute winner Kelly.

Till next time! (October’s theme will be a surprise reveal to an outdoor pot luck style brunch!)

Some of my favorite ladies!

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