We Declare it The Office Brunch!

We Declare it The Office Brunch!


The ladies of GGB StL Metro rushed to brunch “ASAP as possible” when they heard the theme was going to be The Office.  Although the local Chili’s wasn’t reserved to host us, we did have an amazing time.  The location chosen was Copper Fire Bar and Eatery in Belleville, IL.  They consider themselves a casual, yet trendy restaurant that caters to a contemporary American theme.   The food was fantastic, the drinks were beautiful, and the service was simply great.  The food selection ranged from buffalo chicken dip, brisket au jus, pasta primavera, candied bacon burgers, and Caprese salad, amongst some other amazing looking dishes.  Copper Fire’s drink menu was swoon-worthy, with an entire page dedicated to specialty martinis like the mermaid martini, the bucatini, a green tea martini, and a delicious chocolate martini that was to die for!  They also featured a Moscow Mule, an Italian Mule, and a refreshing drink called the Dare 2 Pear.  

          Party Planning Committee Handled it:

Brunchettes showed their knowledge of The Office in a SUPER hard Office trivia, where the winner got to take home a set of GGB StL coasters.  Everyone got to craft their own Office themed wine glass with popular quotes from the show like “Did I stutter,” “Don’t expect any cookie,” “That’s what she said,” and “Dwight, you ignorant slut!” while listening to live music, chatting about their favorite scenes from the show, and catching up with each other on happenings over the past month.


To top off the evening, Afterwords Books, a local bookstore in Edwardsville, IL, donated “Free Book” coupons that we were able to pass out to our ladies as swag for the month.  So not only did each lady get to take home the cutest wine glass that they crafted themselves during brunch, but they also get to go shop and pick out their next book to read for free!

It was obvious that our love for The Office runs deep.  Many of our ladies watch and re-watch the show on a regular basis, and for good reason.  Our next brunch is scheduled for the 3rdSaturday in August on the St. Louis side, and we cannot wait to share the theme and surprise that we have for you it.  August will definitely be a brunch to attend!


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