GGB Glasgow: the Discworld brunch

GGB Glasgow: the Discworld brunch

Discworld Brunch

Great A'Tuin the turtle
Great A’Tuin the turtle and Unseen University Challenge

After a bit of hiatus, the Glasgow GGB chapter got back in business for our Discworld themed brunch and met up on Sunday 2nd September.  This was the first brunch organized by our new team: Kathleen and Ailsa.  We chose the lovely Sloans in Glasgow city centre as our venue, which claims to be Glasgow’s oldest bar and restaurant.

The attendees and swag

Hogswatch goodie bags
Hogswatch goodie bags

The brunch turned out to be small but perfectly formed, with only one other brunchette in attendance (after our last minute new recruit had to sadly bow out due to illness), however that meant more food and swag for everyone else! Officer Ailsa brought along an adorable turtle plushie named A’Tuin (obviously) which sat on the table as our mascot, along with some Hogswatch gift bags bursting with goodies.


Discworld postcards and falso Boffo nose
Discworld postcards and false nose from Boffo’s Novelty and Joke Shop

Every attendee was granted an honorary degree from the Unseen University bound in sacred octarine thread, and provided with a small chunk of dwarf bread (definitely not a rock) in case they got hungry, and a pot of dried frog pills (absolutely positively not green Skittles) in case it all got too much.  Officer Kathleen got slightly carried away at the Discworld Emporium so each gift bag also included a Discworld postcard and stamp so brunchettes could regale their friends with stories of their travels, along with fake witch noses and warts direct from Boffo’s novelty and joke shop.

The venue and food

Sloans served a wide variety of tasty pub food, and also had a good selection of veggie and gluten free options available too.  The gluten free chips were particularly delicious – not to mention the rum and coke that went along with it!

Brunchettes with Unseen University degrees
The brunch attendees with their honorary degrees from Unseen University

The all important chat

The chat started off around Discworld and then strayed on to other geeky subjects.  Our attendees were of differing levels of Discworld knowledge (which at a whopping 41 books in the series is fair enough) so we decided to ditch the Unseen University Challenge quiz and move straight on to nattering instead.  From discussing the female characters in Monstrous Regiment, to pondering which witch would we be, the conversation then segued on to other fantasy series – namely Shadows of the Apt (Adrian Tchaikovsky) and The Lord of the Rings (J.R.R. Tolkein).  We also discussed our shared love of RPG’s, and how much we all enjoy creating characters and back stories.

To be continued…

We haven’t yet chosen a theme or date for our next brunch, but we’re thinking of aiming for some time after Halloween.  Hopefully next time we can get some more attendees, so if you’ve been thinking about coming along then now’s your time to sign up!  Hope to see you at the next one.

See you next time!
See you next time!

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