GGB Youngstown – August 2018 Science Brunch!

GGB Youngstown – August 2018 Science Brunch!

GGB YTown Does Science!

For our August brunch we decided to turn to the geeky world of Science! We got together on a glorious Sunday morning at our local BJ’s Brewhouse in Boardman, Ohio. We were thrilled to have five new members join us: Heather, Tessa, Jen, Angi, and Maggie! Thank you to each of you that decided to come out and see what we as a chapter, and more importantly, as an organization have to offer! And of course thank you to our more regular members who came to enjoy the morning with us!

For our science theme we had little give-aways of paper Space themed straws and napkins, as well as edible creations, made by our officer Danamarie~ She put together these awesome, and fantastically gross looking Petri Dishes from jello and candy, which were much enjoyed by everyone.

We started off brunch our usual way, with introductions, and this month asked everyone what they would consider their favorite branch of science. We had great answers ranging from Chemistry and Physics, to Zoology, Anthropology, Child Sciences, and Political Science. We discovered that we all have a love for some branch of scientific inquiry, and it made for some interesting conversations over the brunch table.

As we usually try to do, we had a couple of games this month. The first involved taking the parts of a paper skeleton and piecing it together, before labeling set bones. We had the Brunchettes team up for this one, and they had a great time trying to figure out everything from where a tibia is, to a manubrium. Our winners were quick to get Skelly together, and then label all of the parts correctly, winning themselves science beaker shot glasses, and a bone shaped pen~

Our lovely winners: Bridgid, Alyssa, Angi, and Steph!

The other game we set up proved to be a brain scratcher~ Our officer Heather provided us with her personal rock collection, and we had the ladies try to identify as many of the stones as possible. Everything from Quartz and Fools Gold, to Agate and Obsidian. We clearly underestimated everyone’s rock knowledge however, but it provided some fun whilst everyone poured over the colorful gems. Of 24 rocks, most got around 12 right, but our winner was one of our first time attendees, Heather, who got 17 of the stones correctly identified! She walked away with an awesome geology themed mug, and her own collection of semi precious stones.

Heather and her ‘rocking’ mug!

BJ’s Brewhouse proved to be a great location, the food was wonderful, and much enjoyed by everyone, and the staff there were very helpful and more than accommodating. We got to spend the morning catching up, and generally enjoying everyone’s company, plus talking about our plans for our next months family event~

We’re aiming for a Game of Thrones Feast (though we’re hopeful it wont be as bloody as those in the show…) which can be enjoyed by both our Brunchettes and their families and friends. We hope to see a great turn out, and a lot of support for our fundraiser for the local Food Bank, as our part of #GGBDoBetter!

Thank you again to all those who attended this month, we wouldn’t be here in Youngstown without your continued support!

Our wonderful sciency Brunchettes~
Mandy, Heather, and Sam, 3 of our Ytown Officers~

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