Geek Girls Brunch Los Angeles: Mystery Science Theater 3000! Brunch

Geek Girls Brunch Los Angeles: Mystery Science Theater 3000! Brunch

Mystery Science Theater 3000!

In the past, not so far away, the Geek Girls of Los Angeles converged upon a saloon in Burbank, California. Indeed, a saloon called Tinhorn Flats Saloon & Grill.

The interior of Tin Flats Saloon and Grill in Burbank

We had gathered together for the overall theme of Mystery Science Theater 3000 (a.k.a MSTK3K). For those who are unfamiliar with MSTK3K, it is a show with a human prisoner and robots riffing on old movies on a space ship.  The riffing is done in a good natured way infused with the love of cinema.  The show is random, silly, and never took itself seriously. These were the umbrella themes of the show and kept in mind for the brunch.

There are not very many space themed brunch spots in Los Angeles, so a saloon was opted instead. Considering space is the “final frontier” it seemed close enough for the absurd ruckus that is MSTK3000. Through the actual swinging saloon doors, we walked into a saloon heaven for Chicago fans for that is this saloon’s fandom. Despite the  heavy sport fandom, the staff at Tinhorn Flats Saloon and Grill were beyond thrilled at our little geeky brunch and were just sweet overall.

We all sat nice and cozy on in the corner as we introduced ourselves and readied our orders. Fellow officer, Veronica, showered the group with generous swag of popcorn tins, gumball machines, and various candy.



Pretty much everything needed for a movie event at home!  As an ice breaker, everyone shared their “bad but favorite movie” ever which included such gems as Super Mario Brothers the Movie, Ladyhawkeye, and Krull. From there it was a seamless transition to a great conversation saturated with film topics. We address great movies to all of the recent controversies. All of were handled superbly, with an open ear, and just great atmosphere over all! 

One topic that we did touch upon was community. One member confessed that this was her first time experiencing not only a GGB event but any geek event. She came on a recommendation from a friend and was completely happy she did.  After that confession, she was showered with info on local events and groups to check out. That is one thing this GGBLA officer cherishes and nurtures about the geek community: sharing.   Especially in a larger city such as Los Angeles, it is completely understandable how many can feel intimidated or unsure of joining a bunch of strangers.  It is sincerely my hope, that with each brunch, with each word spread, we create an open and welcoming space to meet others for laughter, discuss  the latest geek topic, and the food!

We spoke so much that I forgot the heat and to eat the food in front of me! The saloon is more known for their grilled meat but they also boasted serving breakfast all day long. The fare was simple but hearty.

To cement the MST3K theme, a cardboard silhouette of the iconic characters watching the screen was made and we all took turns talking photos with it.  The owner was so delighted with our antics that he even took a picture of us!


Our next brunch will be in October set in a very famous location surrounded by priceless artifacts of wonder. Whatever am I referring to you? Join Geek Girls Brunch Los Angeles and you seen find out!

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