GGB Baltimore Goes Super Magic Anime Girl!

GGB Baltimore Goes Super Magic Anime Girl!

For July, the ladies of GGB Baltimore decided to brave downtown Baltimore during the annual Artscape festival. Despite the crowds, the closed streets and the buckets of rain, the ladies still made it out to XS; where breakfast meets sushi and other Asian cuisine. As always, XS was absolutely on point with service and food.



This month’s theme was our anime She-ros and magic girls but as always we once again strayed away from that topic, instead talking about the then recent news of James Gunn’s firing from Disney and the impact it has had. We had a wonderful discussion in when it is okay to finally forgive someone and what we as fans should be looking at in regards to someone who said some extremely outrageous and tasteless jokes over a decade ago and seeing if the person has since grown and learned from those actions. We also talked about needing to look at the people that brought it out in the light; people that were angry over his words and opinions in politics.


For next month’s brunch we are taking a break but we will be right back with you lovely ladies come September! Be ready to jump across the pond for anything and everything on the other side of the Atlantic from Doctor Who and Beyond! We are classing it up a little bit for September to bring in the hopefully glorious fall weather and we will be brunching at Topside in Mount Vernon on September 16th! Evites will be sent out soon so please be on the look out. We are looking forward to seeing you next month! We have some great brunches planned out for the rest of this year and we can’t wait to keep brunching and geeking with all you lovely ladies of GGB Baltimore!

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