The Emerald Coast is only a Little-Stitious

The Emerald Coast is only a Little-Stitious

Only a little -stitious

While beets from Schrute Farms scattered the tables, the Brunchettes enjoyed a delicious meal at Chili’s. We believe there is no greater place to have “The Office” themed brunch than at one of Michael Gary Scott’s favorite restaurants. Although he may also have enjoyed spending hours at Hooters or dancing on a Booze Cruise.


Many sipped on margaritas while catching up with one another. Two Dundee Awards were made and picked up that morning to be raffled off to some lucky ladies. Shout out to Geek Girl Katie for that awesome idea, she should get a Dundee Award just for that! Some brunchettes even wore Yogurt Medallions to symbolize their love for the “Office Olympics.”

Dwight and Angela also made an appearance… but it may have just been two geek girls with amazing costumes! Angela wanted to bring along all of her cats, but did not think Chili’s would approve. We did wish that Prison Mike would have come to teach us about what it was like in there with the dementors.

We had a blast eating and drinking while discussing our favorite characters and scenes. I do not think anyone ordered an Awesome Blossom with extra Awesome, but that would have been delicious.

We did have to help Chapter Officer, Casey, catch up on what we were talking about because she was only on season 3 at the time *gasp*… Then heated discussions arose if “Parks and Recreation” or “The Office” is better. Which the answer is obviously “The Office.”

We also got to enjoy some indoor hardcore parkour from some fellow brunchettes coming back from the bathrooms. Everyone in Chili’s seemed to find their hardcore parkour hilarious!

At the end of the brunch, we picked Super Heroes for our next theme and some ladies were super stoked while others thought that honoring real women heroes would also be awesome!

Overall, The Office Brunch will remain one of our favorites.
I know I left satisfied and smiling… Aaaaaaaand that’s what she said.

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