GGBNewportNews’ Literary Ladies

GGBNewportNews’ Literary Ladies

Newport News Brunchettes share A LOT in common, but if it’s one thing, it’s the love of reading! This made choosing the theme for August’s brunch easy as pie! Following in the steps of other fellow GGB chapters, Newport News chose Blind Date with a Book for the month of August!

It was a perfect day for brunch, with the sun shining in the big blue sky over the City Center fountains! Meet up was at Aromas cafe in beautiful City Center, Newport News, Virginia.


Blind Date with a Book is a fun book swap! Everyone brings a new or used copy of one of their beloved favorite book titles. The books are wrapped, so no one has any idea who or what the title and author are. A few choice words or clues about the book are written briefly on the front to entice the reader. We drew numbers and everyone made their selection in an orderly and fair fashion.

A great variety of titles were shared including Ameritopia, Angel Island, and American Gods. (Not all of them began with the letter A! lol) It was quite a suspenseful  brunch until we opened the books! All of the ladies were thrilled to share their favorite titles, and the best part was that no one left with a book they had already read!



As if it couldn’t get any better, IT DID! Chapter Officer Jennifer provided hand stamped book stack note cards for each of the brunchettes, and ReadMyLipsApothocary generously donated the most adorable literary themed lip balms! In keeping with the book theme each lip balm had references to familiar book titles, and characters like “Lime and Punishment” and “Man in the Chai Castle”!

Brunchette Shelley kindly donated a book lover themed earring and necklace set to raffle. Other items raffled were the complete Hunger Games trilogy, the Jurassic Park/Lost World book set, Terry Pratchett’s The Color of Magic, a mini book, and a DC  comic!

Great conversation is always had by this group, as they are truly a group of amazing ladies! We had new member Justine join for her first brunch, and  brunchette Liz shared THE BEST NEWS OF ALL, that she is recently engaged! Yay! Congratulations Liz and Adam!

As all good things eventually come to an end, so did brunch, but next month will bring another exciting new brunch adventure!

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