July’s Heroes and Villains Brunch!

July’s Heroes and Villains Brunch!

GGB Cleveland’s Heroes and Villains Brunch!

This month’s brunch celebrated both our light and our dark sides. We went to BOMBA Tacos & Rum in Fairlawn to give a commuter break to our southern girls! BOMBA is a restaurant with Caribbean-inspired Mexican fare! They had us at one long table giving an almost epic feel to the whole brunch of 30 girls!

We were joined by a whole cast of characters including the Scarlet Witch, Tony Stark, 3 Maleficents, and Dennis Nedry.

We gave away swag to three members at this brunch! Two newcomers and an officer but all of them villains! I think we know who the real winner was at the brunch! Many thanks to our members and RAK Graphics who graciously donated art to this month’s winners!

Want to see more pictures from our brunch? Check out the album on our facebook group: Click Here!

This brunch also saw us handing out the shirts that the girls bought and were made by Tracy at World of Strange Tees based on the coaster design for our 80’s brunch! Here is an awesome video she sent us of the creation of our shirts!

The Awesome Shirt Making Video!

The shirts arrived at the perfect time to welcome one of our first officers home for a visit and a Dim Sum get together! We miss you Carolina! <3

The crowning moment of our month though was A Very Potter Birthday! Put together and attended by a number of our members it was an extraordinary feast for the heart and eyes! The girls all brought gifts for a birthday exchange and came dressed up with decorations and lots and lots of delicious food!

Here is just a small sampling of the food and fun! Find the rest of the pictures on the facebook event page! 

Coming up in August:


  • August 14th – Unofficial Movie Outing! Time and more info TBA on our Facebook page!
  • August 18th – Mythology Brunch! Make sure you’re signed up at geekgirlbrunch.com/join to get official Evites!
  • August 18th – Game night after Brunch! For more details join our Game night Facebook Page!
  • August 19th – Book Club meeting and movie outing! Time TBA as showtimes are released! This month’s book is Darkest Minds. You can find out more on our Book Club Facebook Page!
  • August 29th – We have a team doing Zoo Clues & Brews! Wish them luck! Bring home the win girls!


We look forward to seeing you at an event soon!

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