GGB Phoenix Galactic Brunch June 2018

GGB Phoenix Galactic Brunch June 2018

In a galaxy not so far away, Geek Girl Brunch Phoenix set out on a mission to find the most fun and courageous brunchettes. They searched high and low to find women who would meet their specifications. The women must be nerdy. They must be fun.  They must like to brunch. It seemed that their efforts were going nowhere. Then they stumbled upon a small group of women inside a local restaurant called Postino. Here they were waiting for their instructions. Waiting for Geek Girl Brunch to take them out of this world. 

The women gathered and discussed their part of the resistance. They talked about their lives and journeys up to this point. They joked and laughed. They enjoyed their delicious food, mimosas, tea, and each other’s company. Just when they thought it was safe, guards from the Empire showed up. Two troopers and a Mandolorian crashed their party.
The girls didn’t give up. They fought the good fight. A few select women distracted the troopers.  One even brought light sabers to keep them under control.




The Galactic Geek Girl Squad kept the Empire at bay until reinforcements arrived. Princess Leia showed up just in time. She took care of them the way any Rebel Princess would.

The Empire was won over by the excellent food and drink options of Postino, and the battle was over. The resistance reigned supreme again. The Galaxy will be safe for now.






Special Thanks:

Geek Girl Brunch Phoenix thanks all the ladies that came out and enjoyed our Galactic Brunch. We also thank Postino Arcadia for hosting the group. A VERY special thanks to our Mandolorian, and Storm Troopers: Jay Zarecki, Salvador Mendez, and Steve Paduano. Thanks for coming out and making everyone’s day!

And finally, a shout-out to our vendors who provided some sweet swag for our raffle:
Katie Cook
My Tangled Chaos
Grimoire Tea
Lantern Pins

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