GGB Ft Lauderdale – Space Adventures Brunch

GGB Ft Lauderdale – Space Adventures Brunch

The Fort Lauderdale Chapter’s June brunch was held at BC Tacos Cafe in Davie, celebrating all things Space Adventure from our favorite science fiction reads, classic and contemporary TV series, movies, and real-life science heroes. It’s hard to be all things to all geeks, but space adventure science fiction and science fact definitely has a way of boldly taking us along for rides that open our minds and broaden our imaginations.

Swag bags, decor, and raffle sets were a mix sure to please any geek bruncher, representing as many IPs as the officers could with some unique crafted creations and some clever nods to our favorite space adventurers and crews. For fans of Star Trek: Next Generation, swag included some Earl Grey that should only be served hot.

Not to leave out more classic (and reboot, I guess) Star Trek fans, tribbles were also present. Only one per bag though. We don’t need those furry fiends getting too comfy with one another. For the Arthur Dents among us – and in celebration of the prior week’s Towel Day – each bruncher was fitted with her own towel, a reminder note (just in case one actually forgot to always carry it with her), and a dolphin ribbon from Once Upon A Time Supply. (And if you don’t get it, well, you’re really asking for trouble. Even the petunias know what I’m talking about. And they’re flowers.)

Unique star rings  (cabochons by Delish Beads) and star earrings (origami star beads by Origami Retreat ) were created by our officers, too.  Stargate coloring pages added to the decor and activities on brunch day. Each brunchette took home a raffle set complete with Doctor Who, Star Wars, Star Trek, Alien: Covenant, and generally space adventur-ific books, mugs, mobiles, jewelry, night lights, string lights, and more assorted gifts.

We love space adventures, and we love brunch. June’s brunch was truly one of the best. Such a great start to summer, and such a great reminder to keep looking up.

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