Merry Marvel Brunch – GGB Baltimore

Merry Marvel Brunch – GGB Baltimore

It was an absolutely beautiful Sunday when the brunchettes of GGB Baltimore made their way to the Columbia Ale House, one of the last days of sunshine before the rains came. We again had a small but mighty group but it was perfect for our MARVEL-ous themed Sunday brunch. The Ale House Columbia was a wonderful place to have a brunch, they even had breakfast themed shots like ‘short stack’ and ’blueberry muffin’ as well as bottomless mimosas!

We had our youngest member ever join us, a young lady of five and she came dressed to the nines as one of the greatest superheroes of all time, Wonder Woman! And she was an absolute delight to have with us. We are already paving the way for the next generation of lady geeks and its a great thing to see. She might not be overly familiar with marvel yet but she is on the right track with Teen Titans Go!.

The food itself was wonderful and the discussions over brunch naturally fell to both Avengers: Infinity Wars as well as Deadpool 2, to an extent since it was just released right before we had our monthly meet up. It was pretty unanimous in that by the end of Avengers we were all emotionally wrecked.

Overall it was another amazing brunch with our brunchettes this month and we are looking forward to seeing you all again next month! June’s brunch is all Disney Princess, come in costume or your favorite Disney Princess shirt, e-vites have already gone out and we will be having our brunch at The Point in Fells at 10:30am! Also! Evites for the July Brunch have also been sent out for our Magical Anime Girls brunch. If you have not received any of the evites let us know and we will send one out to you!

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