GGB San Antonio’s January Star Wars Brunch!

GGB San Antonio’s January Star Wars Brunch!

On a lovely morning in late January San Antonio GGB, met for our 29th Brunch: Star Wars! Two years to the month, we returned to our origins in the beautiful sci-fi space opera of Lucas, to celebrate all the new things that had both always been in this universe and that had come about in the last two years since our first Star Wars brunch in 2016. (Not to mention the release of The Last Jedi!)

Our brunch was held Ajuua! — Mexican Bar & Grilla favorite of ours and the exact place the last Star Wars brunch was held (which held a big appeal for important events you’ll see lower down). The staff was excited to see us and bustled the whole time making sure we had everything we needed to keep the girls happy during their brunch hours.

Our girls showed up in their amazing Star Wars best as always!


There were gorgeous front-and-back coloring sheets to match the Star Wars at everyone’s spots as well as a small assortment of grab bag pieces (in glowing wands  & sugar tubes for stand-in lightsabers, as well as Star Wars-themed Valentine’s cards for use in February!).

At the original brunch in 2016 there had been an impromptu (and laughably hilarious) challenge between Officer Holli & Officer Amanda to try all the mimosa’s on special offer at the restaurant and when they arranged in flight, GGB SA named it “The General Leia Challenge.” (They both succeed, in case you were curious.)

This 2nd Star Wars event saw the return of the “The General Leia Challenge” with more mimosa’s on their menu and a handful of GGB San Antonio Girls who took up the challenge — especially ‘In Memory of The Princess’ (and memorandum of the just as fierce and amazing Carrie Fisher, herself).

A display of the mimosas, with lightsaber lights in  all of them!


One of the trays of mimosas brought in and collective shot of the “The 2nd Bi-Annual General Leia’s Challenge” GGB San Antonio challengers! (Which included Officer Amanda, again, but everyone else is one of our amazing GGB participants this time. Aren’t our girls so amazing?!)

Afterward, we turned with glee toward the every filled raffle table, and all the raffles gifted out to our girls. The following is all of our raffle winners and the Star Wars themed prizes they won:


Once all the challenge drinks were finished, and raffles numbers/names were called we journey’d outside to get our group shots. The main one ended up, like normal, at the top of our write-up, and this extra one below, was just a silly version group shot because our girls were in such a happy, playful mood after such a great brunch.

Can’t wait to see you next month, from February’s DC Brunch!

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