GGB Los Angeles: Marvel in May Brunch

GGB Los Angeles: Marvel in May Brunch

The Los Angeles Brunchettes assembled during Memorial Day weekend for the Marvel comics themed brunch: Marvel in May!

We had a stroke of sunny luck as the day was wonderful for brunch! SoCal has been experiencing an uncharacteristic trend of cloudy days in June. It was as if Thor himself wished to open the clouds to enjoy our brunch….

The Federal Bar in North Hollywood was the setting for our Brunchette-heroes of the day! By night, the Federal is a nightclub of rock music and cocktails. By day, the brunch plates were plenty surrounded by tal l glasses of bottomless mimosas.

Our long table was full of chatter of all sorts of geek related topics. Most of the brunchettes took advantage of the one entree and bottomless mimosa special.  We had forewarned the brunchettes that the spoilers ban was lifted and  it was free rein to talk about Infinity War. Talking about Marvel and mimosas were great for keeping the conversation flowing. We learned so much about one another!  It was truly amazing to see a geeky brunch bringing together teachers, veterinary technicians, archivists, and others.  This GGB Los Angeles was even honored to hear that one of the brunchettes came over as far from Orange County (a whopping 2-3 hour journey)!


Our swag for the brunchettes were art postcards courtesy of Clock Work Art by Braden Duncan. Each of the brunchettes received a random assortment of kitty cats as Avengers. It also made for fun trading. If they were willing to trade. Noticed that some of the Loki fans held on tight to theirs!  Our new officer, Veronica, even provided hand made Avengers bracelets!


During the brunch, we asked for submissions for what theme the brunchettes would suggest for the next event. After a random selection, the next theme will be Mystery Science Theater 3000. Coming to an August near you!


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